2015 winner


Taking the crown of The Insurance Apprentice

Winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2015, Roxanne Moodley chatted about The Insurance Apprentice journey, the experiences she has encountered and the lessons she has learned along her career path.

Having completed her tertiary qualifications, working in the insurance industry was the first job opportunity that came her way, and she has mentioned that this has been, most rewarding. Moodley began her career at one of the larger UMA’s in South Africa as an intern and learned all aspects of insurance. She then actively pursued opportunities at AIG as she wanted to gain global work experience and was subsequently hired in the Financial Lines Dept. She has been at AIG ever since and absolutely loves her job! The biggest influence in her career, she said, is most definitely her Manager, Philip Hobson.

“His level of knowledge and insight has far exceeded my expectations. His professionalism, leadership and guidance has undeniably set the path for my career in insurance. I am privileged to have a boss that is actually already my mentor. No two days are alike. No two claims are the same. It is challenging, complex and exciting,” she said.

Too determined to be defeated

There is a quote by Warren Buffet that Moodley says she tries to live her life by and that is, look for three things in a person: intelligence, energy and integrity. If he or she does not have the last one, then don’t even bother with the first two.

“Throughout the game and in life I strive to have integrity in all my dealings in business and with people. I feel that my personality showed itself and my ability to work with different people and learn from each day constituted to me winning. Embarking on the journey of The Insurance Apprentice, I had no idea that it would change my life as I knew it. The way I think about insurance, business and people has completely changed,” said Moodley.

“Through this experience I have learned that being a leader, does not always require you to be the strongest individual. A leader is someone with energy, charisma, integrity and one that can make the best decision for the team or task at hand without having to stand in the lime light. And a great leader takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit,” she said.

“I personally learned that you can engage in a debate frankly and thoroughly, but in the end, you and the other side must be closer and thus emerge stronger. Did I enter this competition expecting to win? Yes- I always expect great things. But I understood that humility is key and I took every chance I got to learn from each experience,” continued Moodley.

After winning the Insurance Apprentice, Moodley received a text from a fellow competitor, whom she now calls a friend, Azhar Said. He said, “I honestly did not expect to meet a quality professional like yourself during this show. I saw you grow each day. Whilst you are a specialist, you also had the ability to learn things you did not know about, and the way you did this was commendable.”
“The Insurance Apprentice by far exceeded my expectations. I learned so much about myself as well as having to deal with different work pressures,” added Moodley.

The Lloyds experience

Moodley says Lloyd’s of London was phenomenal.

“Lloyd’s gives one a sense of the history and timeline of insurance, quite a lot of tradition and heritage to what they do. Networking was great, and I got to experience the underwriting box from both the broker and underwriter perspective on the trading floor within Lloyd’s,” she said.

She continued to say, “I experienced a personal tour of the Lloyds building, I learned about different classes of Insurance, Risk, Operations, Claims at Lloyds, and Emerging Risks. It was a jam-packed week but so worth it. Definitely a once in a life time experience and thus I feel very grateful.”

“I feel ecstatic and completely overwhelmed. All Glory to God for His continuous favour over my life,” she said.

A stepping stone- the bigger picture

Moodley said, “The Insurance Apprentice has opened doors to greater exposure within the industry as a whole. Probably the biggest discovery is that the insurance industry is so much broader than most of us realise – we tend to focus on our particular field of expertise and overlook the wide range of areas within this industry.”

She concluded by saying, “I have received so many compliments from both my brokers as well as clients on what a fantastic production The Insurance Apprentice was. Young people really need to see the potential – and I would definitely recommend having a shot at the competition. While the prizes are great, the experience and the learning is even more memorable, and you get the opportunity to sample very different areas of the industry.”

Roxanne Moodley
Professional Liability, Cyber and K&R Zonal Lead | Africa
EMEA | AIG Property Casualty