A tale of courage – by Ditebogo Mokgalabone

I enjoy watching reality shows, but I never thought I would put myself in one. I am not the most outspoken individual or the most charismatic. This was my perception of what reality competition contenders should be, I was wrong.

There I was in a conference room with the top 30 applicants, amongst the most talented in the insurance industry and the event was the 2019 The Insurance ApprenticeJohannesburg elimination round. It feels just like yesterday, I was nervous but had the right amount of fear and hunger to thrive; to stay in the room.

I did not know whether I would make it through the elimination round, but I put my best foot forward disregarding the fear. My fear was that I would not be on par with the rest of the group however I knew I was not at a place in my career that I wanted to be and that drove me to seek to elevate myself.

I needed to take action and that meant doing something that was outside of my comfort zone. I had been in the insurance industry for nearly a decade and I needed to challenge myself to become a better version of myself and the competition gave me that platform.

The most amazing thing happened through the process, I gained courage, intrinsic relationships and a new life that I had desired.

Today I am sitting in London on assignment, as an internal auditor. Working for a company that encourages learning and development. All this because I chose to have the right amount of fear that drove me not give up. I was ready to become the best version of myself.

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