Behind the scenes…

The most exciting part of any competition is surely announcing the winner, especially if the competition was extremely tough and the winner had to work really hard to get it right.

The most disappointing part of any competition is if you cannot announce the winner at an event you have planned for so long and look forward to so badly…

Welcome to #TIA2020… because life happened in a way no one ever expected, but thanks to social media and the new way of working we have the absolute privilege to entertain you for a bit longer and for the very first time you can get some insights into what really goes on behind the scenes. It is super exciting (for me and the judges), super nerve-wrecking (for the apprentices) and just a great feeling to be involved (for everyone else behind the scenes).

From today we will be sharing some videos with you of Simon Colman, Head Judge of TIA and Executive Head of Digital Distribution at SHA Risk Specialists, having a few chats with a few people who were and are quite involved behind the scenes.

Today’s interview is with our very own Rianet Whitehead, FAnews Editor and Creator of The Insurance Apprentice, about why she started the apprentice, how the scoring works, the challenges of keeping the apprentices quiet after filming week and asking Simon why he is so hectic as a judge.

Social Media Influencer winner
We are also announcing the winner of the R5 000 prize winner, sponsored by Elite Risk Acceptances. The good news is that we will have now have a weekly prize winner for Social Media Influencer. The prize money is R2 500 per week and is very kindly sponsored by Elite Risk Acceptances. For now, the competition will run for six weeks, but we’ll update as we go on, so be active, participate and subscribe to the Youtube/TheInsApp channel to make sure you miss nothing.

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Leveraging the power of social media in creating, curating and managing content, we would like to thank our digital marketing sponsor Elite for making sure we get the biggest viewership we’ve ever had with TIA.

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