Category: Episodes for 2018

Episode 7 – sponsored by the FSB

Task seven #Whatconstitutesapermissibleinducement?

The task, sponsored by the FSB (Financial Services Board), was to look at the legislative prohibition on inducements as set out in section 44 of the Short-term Insurance Act, 53 of...

Episode 6 – sponsored by Inseta

Task six #Breakingthroughtheglassceiling

The insurance industry is traditionally white and male dominated. However, a few strong ambitious women are breaking through the glass ceiling. Inseta, as the sponsor, wanted the apprentices to talk to...

Episode 5 – sponsored by Marsh

Task five #riskgovernanceandethics

In the fifth episode of The Insurance Apprentice, sponsored by Marsh Africa, apprentices put on their thinking caps when assigned with task five based on risk governance and ethics.

Over the...