Frequently Asked Questions

Employer question: If my employee is chosen as one of the top eight apprentices, is there any reason for me as an employer to be concerned that this employee will be head hunted in the near future?
There is no need for you to be concerned about this, rather be proud of the talent that you have within your organisation. Looking at the past two winners of The Insurance Apprentice both agreed that the exposure provided by The Insurance Apprentice enhanced their credibility as insurance professionals but above all made them attractive to their own organisations. These contestants chose not to leave their respective companies. When combining all 14 contestants from series one and two, we note that only one apprentice chose to leave his company. This shows that there is little to be concerned about. Should an individual choose to leave the company, this is solely based on their own decision making.
What is The Insurance Apprentice all about?
The Insurance Apprentice is all about skills development, and at the same time showing the exciting and fun side of the industry.
What is the aim of The Insurance Apprentice?
The aim is to excite more young people about what our industry has to offer, what the benefits are and how many growth opportunities there are.
Why should I enter? What’s in it for me?
The exposure provided by The Insurance Apprentice enhances a person’s credibility as an insurance professional. It gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves, to grow on a personal and professional level and showcase what they are all about so that they can grow within their own companies.

If you win….you walk away with an amazing prize with a trip of a lifetime to Lloyds of London, sponsored by Lloyds of London and a bursary, sponsored by Inseta, to further your studies.

What is the criterion to enter?
If you are younger than 35, have been in the short-term insurance industry (any part of it) for more than four years – be it at a brokerage, insurer, underwriting manager, loss adjuster or administrator, and you preferably hold a COP qualification (not compulsory) then you are eligible to enter.
The Insurance Apprentice takes place in Jo'burg but what if I live in Cape Town or Durban?
Regional rounds will take place in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. This is what we call the elimination round. If you are chosen as one of the top eight contestants you will be notified at the beginning of October and the organiser will make the necessary arrangements to get you to and from Cape Town or Durban.
What happens after regional rounds take place?
A select number of panelists carefully analyze the applicants and applications and identify and select the final eight contestants who will take part in the next series of The Insurance Apprentice.

The candidates that did not make it will be notified via email.

If I make it into the top eight what happens next?
If you make it into the final eight you will have to take a week off from your company as filming will take place early January, where you and your fellow contestants will complete an array of tasks that will ultimately be judged by a panel of judges.
During the filming week what can I expect?
Now, now now…we cannot let the cat out the bag and spoil all the fun! We can however tell you that you will experience a challenging week with fun tid bits and elements.
When is the winner announced?
The announcement of The Insurance Apprentice winner will be at an event hosted after the series has been filmed. Possibly at the end of March or beginning of April.
When does the series air and where does it air?
The first episode will air mid-February followed by an episode every Friday for eight weeks via the FAnews and The Insurance Apprentice websites and YouTube.
Can I enter The Insurance Apprentice on my own or does my company have to get involved in anyway?
You can enter on your own as long as you are eligible (see requirements).
Can a company get involved?
Companies are invited to take part in this very exciting initiative by identifying and encouraging employees in their companies who they have earmarked as talented, skilled and ready to grow to apply.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Sponsorships vary from programme sponsors to tasks, legal, venue, makeup and prize sponsors.

What if I entered the competition the previous year but only made it to the elimination round?
You can enter as many times as you want. If you made it to the final eight you cannot enter the competition again.
How can I stay up to date and know what’s happening with The Insurance Apprentice?
To keep up to date with The Insurance Apprentice like The Insurance Apprentice on Facebook, follow The Insurance Apprentice on Twitter and/or sign up for the newsletter.
I have questions to ask, who can I contact?
Email myra@fanews.co.za and she will get right back to you.