IIG interviews Kabelo Paile, winner of the Insurance Apprentice 2017


The Insurance Institute of Gauteng interviewed Kabelo Paile, winner of the Insurance Apprentice 2017!

Kabelo Paile has officially been announced as the winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2017! Kabelo participated in the IIG Class of 2016 programme and the Insurance Apprentice was the next thing on her list of achievements. The IIG caught up with Kabelo after the announcement for an interesting and inspiring interview.

Q: As an Alumni from the IIG’s Class of 2016, were there any learnings from that journey that contributed to your current success?

A: “Being part of the IIG Class of 2016 has contributed greatly to my career and current Insurance Apprentice 2017 win. The class has taught me the power of team work (especially with strangers) as we were able to raise funds and build homes for the Nelson Mandela day CSI project. Collectively we achieved success, and one of my favourite debates of the class was “competition is just as important as collaboration” which has proved for the competition and my career.”

Q: What was your biggest challenge faced during the Insurance Apprentice and how did you overcome it?

A: “My biggest challenge was working and delivering in such tight timelines under immense pressure. Personally I prefer to look at a challenge from all angles and take time to apply my mind before tabling a solution, but this was not possible. We had 3-4 hours to put together a professional presentation. The support and motivation amongst us apprentices as well as coaching from the judges and Rianet from FAnews definitely got us through some tough times.”

Q: What was your favorite moment during the Insurance Apprentice?

A: “There were many awesome moments off camera shared with the other awesome apprentice contestants as well as the Pulp films crew. However, I am a bit biased and chose the Inseta challenge as one of my favourite moments as that task was close to my heart. I am sure many of us who entered the industry by “mistake” would have intentionally joined the industry if we had known more about it.”

Q: What advice would you give the Insurance Apprentice candidates for 2018?

A: “The advice I would give to the next apprentice candidates is to take the leap of faith. You never know what you can achieve until you push yourself. And of course good luck, the tasks are not easy”

Q: Where to from here for Kabelo Paile?

A: “I am still enjoying the insurance industry thus I definitely see myself contributing positively to the growth and prosperity of the industry. A quote I love is “The sky is not the limit””

We are so proud of your achievement Kabelo!

Applications for The Insurance Apprentice 2018 are open; if you are interested in participating, find more information here: http://theinsuranceapprentice.co.za/the-process/

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