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Season 7 – Episode 5 –Contingent Business Interruption cover… let’s find a solution (Sponsored by the FSCA)

Acting as employees of the FSCA, contestants advise the FSCA on the main causes of the contingent business interruption (CBI) cover dispute between non-life insurers and their policyholders, how non-life insurers, intermediaries and reinsurers caused or contributed to the said dispute and what the FSCA can do in order to prevent unfair outcomes for policyholders in future.

Season 6 – Episode 7 – Debarment issues (Sponsored by the FSCA)

• The FSCA received a complaint from a customer that ‘Insurance Apprentice Brokers’ have contravened the binder, outsourcing commission regulations as well as the Policyholder Protection Rules (PPRs). Notified of the intention of the Conduct Authority to issue a debarment order, the key individual (apprentice) is required to attend a meeting with the FSCA to discuss the findings. Read more about the task…

Season 6 – Episode 6 – Risk survey report (Sponsored by Emerald Africa)

Task six sees the apprentices put out some serious fires as they delve into a firewalk and demonstration at the Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa (FPASA). They were tasked to read through a risk survey report provided by Emerald Africa, assess the risk and the adverse risk exposures stated in the report, in comparison with the Risk Best Practice document, and produce a list of Risk Improvement Recommendations that should be presented to the broker and the insured (the panel of judges). Read more about the task…

Season 6 – Episode 4 – Company relevance (Sponsored by Sasria)

In the fourth episode the apprentices had to conduct a social risk assessment. Socio-economic reasons, driven by the current political climate, lead to violent protests as well as the destruction of property. The apprentices were tasked with conducting research about De Doorns in the Western Cape and Alexandra township in Johannesburg to find out what are the drivers of violent protests, possible solutions and key opportunities to support the communities in order to effect a decrease in Sasria’s risk exposure and mitigation of further claims.