Life after TIA… just a few testimonies

FAnews spoke to previous contestants and winners to hear what they had to say about the TIA experience.

“The only thing standing between yourself and growth is you – believe you can, apply and see how this opportunity can transform your career but most importantly, YOU, as a person. If you were unsuccessful before, apply again – I was only successful on the fourth application and look where that got me! This is one experience you will not regret making, so take that leap,” said Kay Kgoebane, QRC Manager: Sales at Aon South Africa and one of the top eight contestants of TIA 2018.

“You can only be changed by an experience such as The Insurance Apprentice at every stage, from elimination rounds where you interact with brilliant peers in various pockets in the industry, to the grand experience of being in the top eight and being stretched beyond what you thought were your limits. You experience growth, inspiration and a renewed passion to be the best professional you can be,” said Noxolo Dlamini, Head of XonRisk and Winner of TIA 2018.

“My life changed beyond anything I imagined, going in. I set out to win but got so much more out of the experience. The opportunities beyond The Insurance Apprentice are the real gamechanger. I found my purpose working on a real-life industry business case while on the show and have now built a business around it. The ensuing exposure gave me professional credibility and led to engagements with amazing industry leaders who became mentors, backed my vision and are my business partners today. I am so proud of this industry for the opportunities it extends to young people. The Insurance Apprentice is not to be missed, and I strongly implore young people to grab this one with both hands,” added Dlamini.

Ditebogo Mokgalabone-Nhlapo, an Internal Auditor at Chubb UK and one of the top eight contestants of TIA 2019 said, sometimes you just need a little nudge… just the right amount of fear to challenge yourself. “I enjoy watching reality shows, but I never thought I would put myself in one. I am not the most outspoken individual or the most charismatic. This was my perception of what reality competition contenders should be, I was wrong. I had just the right amount of fear to challenge myself and a reminder that I really had nothing to lose. The most amazing thing happened through the process, I gained courage, intrinsic relationships and a new life that I had desired. Today I am sitting in London on assignment, as an internal auditor. Working for a company that encourages learning and development. All this because I chose to have the right amount of fear that drove me not give up. I was ready to become the best version of myself.”

“The Insurance Apprentice really opens your eyes with respect to how broad our industry actually is. You will get to meet the most passionate and enthusiastic leaders who thrive on driving our industry forward. The networking opportunities are immense and being a top eight finalist leaves you with seven lifelong friends. The training, mentoring and insights that you receive throughout the process is unquantifiable,” said Mitesh Lakha, Distribution Associate Specialist at Discovery Insure, and one of the top eight contestants of TIA 2019.

“For me, The Insurance Apprentice allowed me to be challenged and to prove myself outside of my limited job function. It has changed the way I perceive business, specifically insurance business. But, more importantly it has changed how businesses perceive me. The competition has broadened my exposure within in my own organization and opened up new doors with respect to broader and more advanced roles,” said Kishan Vanmali, Manager of Broking Operations at Marsh Africa, and one of the top eight contestants of TIA 2019.


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