Our Testimonials

“The Insurance Apprentice embodies education with a purpose. It meaningfully impacts the lives of all apprentices. The passion of the team behind The Insurance Apprentice and the authenticity of the program is what is attributed to its success. The most exciting part as a sponsor is witnessing the growth and development of apprentices after every episode. Seeing them have those AHA moments.”
“The Insurance Apprentice is a fantastic showcase for the insurance industry but it’s so much more to the individual competitors. A little boost and some space to shine can be all that’s needed for a person to grow from good to great. People are the core of every system we build – our team, our clients, their policyholders. Seeing the growth of wonderful talent is what keeps us, as sponsors, coming back each year.”
“The Insurance Apprentice has grown in to a much anticipated event each year for up and coming talent within the Insurance industry. The initiative not only drives awareness of the industry, but it also gives new talent the opportunity to experience the diverse opportunities presented therein. Innovation Group is committed to #GoingBeyond and the chance to be involved in TIA enables us to show our commitment to the industry and to drive the empowerment of future insurance leaders.”
“The exposure is priceless and if you are looking to make a mark, then this may be your platform. It will further your career, give you untold amounts of exposure and allow senior people in the industry to take note and see you as an asset to the industry.”
““The Insurance Apprentice has validated that which I already knew about myself, grew me tremendously and amplified my status as a professional. I would advise my fellow Millennials to enter The Insurance Apprentice because there is no other platform for young professionals to shine within the industry. If you are in insurance today, this is a no-brainer: enter, enter, enter.””
“The FSCA hopes that the Insurance Apprentice goes from strength to strength and keeps highlighting the talent in the insurance industry and what an exciting career opportunity it is for so many who may not have considered it until FAnews came along with this brilliant concept. Congratulations.”
“The Insurance Apprentice not only attracts young talent, the candidates are also exposed to great challenges and personal growth during the program! Well done with an outstanding program. ”
“The Insurance Apprentice journey has been life changing and all the lessons I have learned will be a great stepping stone for future success. The competition has taught me so much personally and professionally. My advice to those considering entering would be to just do it! Take the leap of faith; you will never know what you are capable of until you push yourself.”
“We’re really excited for viewers to see the Discovery Insure episode of the Insurance Apprentice 2017. We were impressed with the apprentices’ innovative thinking around using technology to disrupt the insurance market, which also aligned with Discovery Insure’s vision of creating a nation of great drivers!”
“Aon is proud to support the Insurance Apprentice in its journey to attracting the right talent into our industry and positioning insurance as a career of choice.”
“The exposure provided by The Insurance Apprentice has certainly enhanced my credibility as an insurance professional, not only internally at Price Forbes, but with the industry at large. It is an absolutely overwhelming feeling to be one of the most recognised faces in the industry at the moment”
“Thank you for all the hard work and organisation that went into The Insurance Apprentice. This is indeed a wonderful sponsorship which we’re proud to be associated with!”
“We believe it is our collective responsibility to attract younger people into the industry. We also want to underline the importance of niche covers such as liability insurance in a fun and engaging way. It's been a real privilege to observe the competitors grow from series to series. I think they've had to try and retain their composure a few times when we've thrown some of the shockers at them. I think these young stars are all excellent representations of the level of talent in our industry. I wish them the very best of luck.”
“The most exciting part of being a sponsor is creating a task that challenges candidates while demonstrating what Hollard is about. Exposing our brand within the industry on an innovative platform such as the Apprentice assists us in our quest to bring the best talent to Hollard.”
“Any initiative whose objectives include skills development and growth certainly resonates with Sasria SOC Limited and it’s for this reason that we saw it fit to be part of The Insurance Apprentice.”
“The most exciting part of being a sponsor is meeting the industry shapers of the future and getting to know their perspectives, thoughts and innovations. And being a part of shaping this is a massive privilege. Not only is The Insurance Apprentice a step in the right direction for the industry – it is THE step in the right direction for the industry. Others can only follow – and they should. One of the best sponsorships ever.  Thanks Rianet Whitehead, FAnews and co-sponsors for a magic ride.”
“The Insurance Apprentice gives you an opportunity to showcase your talent to the industry which makes you attractive to the insurance market but above all makes you attractive to your own organisation.The prize, being a trip to Lloyd’s of London, completely amazed me – the buzz, the traditions and the capacity to write risks was truly inspiring.”
“I think The Insurance Apprentice is a modern and relevant way to connect with a younger generation of professionals and attract them to the industry.”
“I am a great believer and supporter of the concept to make a difference. Thank you for adding this item to the insurance educational agenda in South Africa and for making a positive contribution to our wonderful industry.”
“The Insurance Apprentice provides a valuable learning platform that could and likely be used in everyday lives in the insurance industry. The competition provides a different view of the insurance industry that it is not as boring as some people think it to be and that it is quite exciting and in fact, is seldom boring.”
“I have a keen interest in the development of the next generation of insurance and risk advisers and I really enjoyed being part of The Insurance Apprentice. It is interesting to see how different individuals develop and find their particular strengths over the course of the contest.”
“The Insurance Apprentice is an important media channel to promote young people in the industry who wish to excel.”