Tension rises in The Insurance Apprentice

With the very first task of The Insurance Apprentice done and dusted, it is now time to move onto the second task. But before we move on here is a brief recap of the first task.

In episode two: part 1 and part 2 of The Insurance Apprentice we watched the apprentices conduct a risk assessment at the Johannesburg Art Museum, followed by presentations to a very stern and critical panel of judges, who collectively acted as the insurer of the task.

Team Risk Simplified, consisting of Matthew, Mopedi and Roxanne won the first task of the week.

Liability at hand

Readers are in for some entertainment in episode three of The Insurance Apprentice titled ‘Litigation Risk’ as tension escalated and opinions clashed while the apprentices completed task two.

All seemed well as the apprentices headed to the boardroom where Judge Pauw and his fellow panel members Simon Colman, Underwriting Executive at SHA (Stalker Hutchison Admiral), and Vuyo Lee deliberated on the task for the day and their expectations of the assigned teams.

The task for the day, sponsored by SHA, required the apprentices to give client feedback on risk mitigation and liability.

Not all is well

As Colman, who kept a watchful eye on the apprentices paced the room and interacted with the apprentices, tension began to rise between Mopedi and Matthew as a clash of opinions took centre stage.

Given that the apprentices all have various skills and knowledge, opinions were bound to clash. However, team effort required compromise so let us see what happens throughout the episode.

Did they win the judges over? Which team won? Hear the verdict and what Judge Pauw has to say in episode 3:

Part 1

Part 2

Stay tuned

We remind you to stay tuned in the weeks ahead and look out for the episodes as they will be released every Friday.

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The third episode was sponsored by SHA (Stalker Hutchison Admiral).

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