The Insurance Apprentice

At the end of July FAnews official launched The Insurance Apprentice. The concept is all about human capital development, portraying the industry as an exciting one and giving young people a chance to learn and develop.

The Insurance Apprentice series will consist of six online videos covering a range of different insurance related tasks which six young industry representatives will complete. The filming will happen over five days in January 2015 where six contestants will be rated according to their performance on each task. The winner will go to Lloyds of London for four days…an experience of a lifetime!

Drawing from a pool of skills

A lack of sufficient skills is a challenge in the insurance industry. A new innovation-driven mind set about skills development in South Africa will be imperative for our future; however this will only be effective if the industry can successfully produce the new generation skills sets which are compatible with the insurance environment.

It is a priority to attract the necessary talent, and the ultimate goal is to provide a platform for young industry representatives to showcase their abilities.

After the successful launch of The Insurance Apprentice there has been good overall feedback from the industry about the initiative. Thus far we have received 40 applications, and Rianet Whitehead, Editor of FAnews says, “We are very pleased with the number and quality of applications we have received so far and we look forward to receiving many more. It is very exciting and rewarding for FAnews to be part of skills development in a very unique way as this assures us of meeting one of the exciting challenges the insurance industry provides.”

“We encourage young people who work in the short-term industry, be it at a brokerage, insurer, underwriting manager, loss adjuster or administrator to enter this exciting programme and stand a chance to win a trip of a lifetime,” says Whitehead.

To enter this programme you have to be younger than 35 years, preferably a holder of at least a COP qualification and you need to have at least four years of experience in the short-term insurance industry.

If this applies to you, please visit to apply. Please ensure that you read the requirements, rules and regulations.

Harnessing existing talent

It is important to remember that the continuing development of new skills and knowledge throughout life is valuable for individuals and essential for the economy. Companies need to develop a workforce that is more willing to adapt to the changing demands of the industry. Bear in mind that this cannot be implemented unless employees gain new abilities.

Even the highly skilled professionals need work structures which allow them to go on expanding their abilities. The skilled employee of the future will have to understand concepts across multiple disciplines.


We therefore also invite companies to take part in this very exciting initiative by identifying and encouraging employees in their companies who they have earmarked as talented, skilled and ready to grow to apply.



Role playing the Trump

The apprentices will complete a variety of tasks that will ultimately be judged by an expert panel, which will include the industry’s very own ‘Donald Trump’. Nominations and applications are also open for the main panel member aka our very own judge of the insurance industry.

If you think you have what it takes to grill the apprentices, make sure you apply for this position by visiting Complete the entry form and tell us why you believe you will be the perfect judge. But remember, we will ask you if you have a ‘kuif’.

You can also nominate someone for this role, but just make sure they are aware that you are doing it. To nominate visit and enter your nominee.

A collaborative effort

Through a collaborative effort we can make a difference in our industry. This initiative, brought to you by FAnews, has sponsors who support this initiative whole heartedly. To date, Inseta, Hollard, MUA, AUM and Fulcrum have jumped on board and have officially confirmed their support.

These companies are proud to be able to show their commitment to The Insurance Apprentice through supporting the skills development of young industry representatives and helping them prepare for a rewarding future.

If you are committed to playing a part in influencing the lives of these individuals and are looking for an opportunity to make a difference on a platform that will be a first for our industry, there are more sponsorship opportunities available.

If you are keen to follow the process and developments around The Insurance Apprentice, make sure you follow us on Twitter. We will also keep you updated via the FAnews online newsletter.

Kind regards

The FAnews team

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