Yaseen Essop

Yaseen Essop Company: RBS Insurance Brokers
Position: Commercial Underwriter

  1. Why did you choose to enter The Insurance Apprentice? I believed that this would be an opportunity to learn new things, meet and network with people and build my own brand within the industry.
  2. In your mind, what qualities should an ambassador of The Insurance Apprentice have? Someone who is dynamic, not afraid to challenge the old ways to improve the system, innovative and willingness to learn.
  3. Did you choose a career in insurance or did you fall into the industry like so many others? I fell into insurance. I was in the sales industry for most of my career. I then moved to a brokerage as a salesperson and within three years moved into domestic underwriting, then commercial underwriting and now working towards becoming a broker.
  4. How important is winning for you? It is highly important. I have set a goal to achieve the top spot. However, winning is not everything. What you learn and use to progress is sometimes more important.
  5. A message to all the TIA sponsors? I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all the TIA sponsors. This opportunity opens doors and can change one’s life. This means the world to me. Thank you!
  6. Advice to yourself about what you should remember and focus on as you are going into the competition. Stay calm, take each task as it presents itself. Remember the end goal and believe in yourself.