TIA2020 winner announcement

Due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) pandemic we have had to make some changes to the last stretch of The Insurance Apprentice 2020 competition.

Working remotely from his home in Cape Town, our Head judge, Simon Colman, AKA ‘Judge Dread’ shares an important message with our audience, with exciting new developments to look forward to.

In excess of 450 000 views

Firstly, Colman wished to thank loyal fans, followers and audience for tuning into The Insurance Apprentice 2020 competition and watching the series on the TIA and FAnews Facebook page, Liability Guy page and YouTube.

“At the time of filming this video, we were already in excess of 450 000 views, which is an exponential number of what we have achieved in previous seasons. We are extremely grateful for that, and thank each and every loyal fan,” he said.

The big reveal

On the same note, if you watched the final task (episode seven), you are probably wondering when we are going to be announcing the winner.

Colman went on to explain that, “Normally we host a live event at the end of March to do the big reveal, and this would be live streamed for you to watch in the comfort of your home, on your favorite social media platform.”

“The challenge with this is that the event still requires the cast and crew to be present, and at the moment, with the current lockdown and pandemic, which we do not know how long will last for, makes it physically impossible to carry out. So, we have decided to postpone the event to hopefully, two to three months, but we will keep our audience and fans updated and posted on any changes.”

Exciting new developments

“I can almost hear you moaning and groaning about the two or three month wait, so starting next week, we are going to be publishing regular content including interviews with the contestants, inside scoop of what was going on off camera and insights from our guest judges, including myself and Nadia Starr on a variety of issues, including scoring etc.”

Possibly the most important, Colman said, is going to be the tips they will be sharing with candidates wanting to enter the 2021 competition.

“I think that alone will be worth tuning in. But if it is not enough to get you excited, we will also be having regular competitions and giveaways. So, if you stay tuned, you could be in line to win cash prizes or tech gadgets,” he added.

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Writer’s Thoughts
You may feel the wait will be long, but one thing is for sure, all the exciting developments set to take place over the next few weeks will make it all worth the wait! Please comment below, interact with us on Twitter at @fanews_online or email me your thoughts myra@fanews.co.za.

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