You’ve made it to the elimination rounds… here are some tips to put you at ease

You have made it to the elimination rounds, congratulations! Nervous? There is nothing to prepare… just bring the right attitude, dress well, and be switched on… and follow these tips some of our past contestants shared to put you at ease:

  • Give every task your best;
  • Don’t go home knowing that ‘I could have done more’;
  • Don’t worry about the nerves, they are part of the game;
  • Be prepared to fall, be prepared to be uncomfortable but most of all be prepared to grow;
  • Make the absolute most of the opportunity, it will change your life, but it is what you make of it;
  • Treat every day like the biggest interview of your life. You can’t afford to lose focus;
  • Passion is attractive, put your heart into this;
  • Network – you are surrounded by the best of the best in the industry;
  • Be yourself, but if your true self is shy and reserved, be your inner superstar;
  • Have fun; and
  • Be out there.

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