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About The Insurance Apprentice

A competition… and more

The Insurance Apprentice is a reality styled series competition where contestants are filmed over a one-week period. The ultimate aim of The Insurance Apprentice is about harnessing skills, attracting more people to the insurance industry, and educating the wider world about the fact that insurance is about more than call centres and funeral policies. This series premiered in 2015 and has successfully shot and produced six seasons to date.

It all started with the need to make a difference in an industry we love… and a way to expand our already successful FAnews business.

FAnews, a digital and print publication operating in the insurance and financial services industry is the foundation of our business… a business that was started by co-owner Rianet Whitehead’s late father. To keep the legacy going and to share the owners’ (Rianet Whitehead and Michelle Schreuder-Rankin) passion for the industry and the absolute need to change the perception of the industry, an idea of combining education and entertainment came about… an idea that was embraced by many who share the passion of creating a better industry.

Why do we do it?

We have a million reasons, but the most important reasons are:

  • Who does not like a decent reality show? Yes… exactly that. But you’ll have to see it for yourself.
  • We make this industry a better place by growing young (under 35’s) people to be the leaders of tomorrow; the leaders we so desperately need.
  • We change perceptions… showing everyone outside of our industry that insurance is not only about call centres and funeral policies; it’s an industry filled with a massive variety of skills and opportunities.
  • We educate people working in- and outside of our industry… not only do we give the contestants technical tasks, but they are also challenged to think about the environment, about social responsibility, general business principles and more. Learning happens for those taking part, and most certainly also for those watching the episodes.

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If you love this, have any ideas to make it better or you want to be part of this in any way, please contact us. Enjoy the episodes; you will be hooked…

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Why Apply for The Insurance Apprentice?

The exposure provided by The Insurance Apprentice enhances a person’s credibility as an insurance professional. It gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves, to grow on a personal and professional level and showcase what they are all about so that they can grow within their own companies.

If you win, you walk away with an amazing prize with a trip of a lifetime to Lloyds of London, sponsored by Lloyds of London and a bursary, sponsored by Inseta, to further your studies.


Q: I have employees who will do great in this competition, but I do not want to lose them after the competition as I know they will be headhunted. How do I prevent that from happening?
A: There is no need for you to be concerned about this, rather be proud of the talent that you have within your organisation. Looking at most of the past contestants, only a few left their respective companies; and most were promoted as you, the employer, now also get a glimpse of what they are capable of. Should an individual choose to leave the company, this is solely based on their own decision making. “Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.”

Q: What is The Insurance Apprentice all about?
A: The Insurance Apprentice is all about skills development, and at the same time showing the exciting and fun side of the industry. We grow leaders, we change perceptions and we make this industry an industry people would want to come and work in.

Q: Why should I enter? What’s in it for me?
A: The exposure provided by The Insurance Apprentice enhances a person’s credibility as an insurance professional. It gives people the opportunity to challenge themselves, to grow on a personal and professional level and showcase what they are all about so that they can grow within their own companies. And if you win, you walk away with an amazing prize with a trip of a lifetime to Lloyd’s of London, sponsored by Lloyd’s of London and a bursary, sponsored by Inseta, to further your studies.

Q: What is the criteria to enter?
A: If you are younger than 35, have been in the short term insurance industry (any part of it) for more than four years – be it at a brokerage, insurer, underwriting manager, loss adjuster, administrator, or any other company you are eligible to enter.

Q: The Insurance Apprentice takes place in Johannesburg, but what if I live in Cape Town or Durban?
A: Regional rounds take place in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. If you make it to the elimination rounds, you will travel at your own cost to the elimination round closest to you.

Q: What happens after regional rounds take place?
A: A select number of panellists carefully analyze the applicants and applications and identify and select the final eight/nine contestants who will take part in the next series of The Insurance Apprentice. The candidates who did not make it will be notified via email.

Q: If I make it into the top eight/nine, what happens next?
A: If you make it into the final eight/nine you will have to take a week off from your company. Filming of TIA 2022 will take place early 2022. You will be notified well in advance. 

Q: What can I expect during filming week?
A: It will be a week of learning, stress, meeting great people and mentors and experiencing something you have never experienced before. A lot of learning happens, with a mild bit of fun in-between.

Q: Can I enter The Insurance Apprentice on my own or does my company have to get involved in anyway?
A: You can enter on your own as long as you are eligible (see requirements); it is however better if your company supports you during the journey.

Q: What if I entered the competition the previous year, but only made it to the elimination round?
A: You can enter as many times as you want. If you made it to the final eight/nine you cannot enter the competition again. We have had quite a few contestants who had to enter more than once before they made it to the finals.

Q: How can I stay up to date and know what’s happening with The Insurance Apprentice?
A: To keep up to date with The Insurance Apprentice, like The Insurance Apprentice on Facebook, sign up on the YouTube/TheInsApp channel and follow The Insurance Apprentice on Twitter and on Instagram. We also send out a newsletter, so make sure you sign up.

Q: You mention that there are eight or nine contestants. Is it eight or nine?
A: When we go through the elimination rounds, the judges choose their Top 20, and also their Top 8. The Top 20 contestants have to make a one-minute video and we upload it on the website, Facebook and YouTube. Contestants then have to promote themselves and get their followers to vote for them. Voting happens over two weeks. The contestant with the most votes, will go through to filming week. Should this person be one of the judge’s choices, it will be eight contestants. If the person was not one of the eight, there will be nine contestants.

Q: How much time will I have to take off work?
A: You will need to take off one day for the elimination round, one day for Meet the Apprentice filming day, and then a few months later for one week, for the filming of The Insurance Apprentice. So, if you thought you are too busy to take part, you can see that it will not take up a lot of your time. Normally, companies do not force contestants to take leave, as this is like a leadership course. Confirm this with your company in advance.

Q: How can companies support their employees if they are going on this amazing journey?
A: During the past six years it was incredible to see how many companies supported their employees with mentoring sessions and opportunities to engage with past apprentices. Moral support and guidance were a priority for many, and it’s incredible to see the support many companies give the contestants. Quite a lot of employers also go on a journey to identify top talent and encourage them to take part, because it looks quite daunting for outsiders.

Q: It looks incredibly stressful to go through the experience. Is Judge Dread really that scary?
A: Do remember that we have to pack a whole day of filming into 30 minutes, and the camera crew does have the ability to capture the moments critical for ‘good TV’. Is it not as scary as it looks, and you grow immensely during this week. If you believe you are strong enough, you are!

Q: I would love to chat to some of the previous contestants about the experience before I enter. Is it possible?
A: Absolutely yes! The previous contestants are super keen to engage, so please send us a mail and we’ll organise it for you.2