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Season 5


Season 5 of The Insurance Apprentice was a thrilling and competitive journey that showcased the talent and determination of young professionals in the insurance industry. With Simon Colman as the head judge and Nox Dlamini as a co-judge, the season featured ten ambitious contestants who faced a series of challenging tasks and scenarios. From analyzing risk assessments to creating marketing campaigns, the contestants demonstrated their expertise and ability to think critically. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed the growth and development of the contestants as they received mentorship from industry experts and gained valuable insights into the insurance world.

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Season 5 – Episode 1 – The customer needs analysis (sponsored by AON)

The first episode of The Insurance Apprentice 2019 sees the Apprentice head to the first boardroom session of The Insurance Apprentice 2019. The first task challenged the candidates to conduct a customer needs analysis that would identify gaps in the current corporate portfolio, with the aim of achieving profit, growth...

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Season 5 – Episode 4 – Company relevance (Sponsored by Sasria)

In episode four the contestants had to come up with some innovative ideas to ensure the sustainability of the Sasria business model. They were tasked to consider the financial viability, premium growth, business retention, marketing, distribution, reinsurance and investment options and had to keep Sasria’s relevance to the insurance industry...

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Spoiler Alert

The Winner of Season 5 is revealed below - only keep scrolling if you are fine with spoilers

Meet the Winner of Season 5

Colin Lunsky

“If I were to compete again, I would not change my strategy, especially considering I won in the end. I was absolutely shocked at the time that I was announced as the winner, it left me speechless for a few minutes. I have been so surprised by how many people were happy that I won and have been humbled by all the messages of congratulations. The prizes are incredible, I did not allow myself to think about them during the competition, but now that I have won, they are unbelievable. I have to thank all the sponsors again for such generous prizes, which will have a massive impact on my life and career,” said Lunsky.

“I have changed through the experience. I feel like I have found a more definitive direction and ambition for my career. The exposure that it has given me in the industry is invaluable and priceless,” added Lunsky. “I cannot wait to go to Lloyds of London, it has been a dream of mine for the last eight years and now that dream has come true, it is surreal.”