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Season 9


Season 9 of The Insurance Apprentice aired in 2023 and featured a new group of talented young professionals in the insurance industry. The season was filled with exciting and intense moments as the contestants showcased their expertise in areas such as underwriting, claims, risk management, and sales. They also had the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into the insurance industry.

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Season 9 – Episode 2 – Hacked

The tough tasks only come later in the contest, right? Not this season on The Insurance Apprentice as our teams are thrown straight into a public relations nightmare after a cyber-attack.

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Season 9 – Episode 3 – Mind The Gap

The insurance industry protects us all from unexpected losses. But what happens when the impact of floods, droughts and civil unrest is on such a large scale that the traditional market can no longer provide cover?

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Season 9 – Episode 4 – Crime and Punishment

This week the contestants are thrust into the dark and dangerous world of insurance fraud. Is there a way that they can get the entire insurance industry to work together against organised crime syndicates? And will they have time to help the victims, before the judges bring out the axe?...

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Season 9 – Episode 5 – Turning Up The Heat

Episode 5 is sponsored by Marsh and this week the contestants have to contend with the devastating impact of climate change. Will they be able to keep their heads above the rising tide? Or do they see their dreams of becoming the Insurance Apprentice swept away once and for all?

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Spoiler Alert

The Winner of Season 9 is revealed below - only keep scrolling if you are fine with spoilers

Meet the Winner of Season 9

Christopher David Appanah​​

Q: Did you choose a career in insurance, or did you fall into the industry like so many others? Briefly share your story.

A: I fell into the industry like many others. In retrospect, I was super fortunate to have been referred a position at an underwriting manager. It was during this first stint that I cut my teeth in insurance claims and the rest is history, as they say.

Q: Why did you choose to enter The Insurance Apprentice?

A: The Insurance Apprentice presents an opportunity for its Apprentice to use the platform to spread the great energy of working in the insurance industry. It also presents an opportunity to pit my skills and experience against some of the brightest young professionals in the industry.

Q: A message to all the TIA sponsors?

A: Thank you to all the sponsors, your investment in The Insurance Apprentice assists the show to push the limits, reach wider audiences and showcase what our industry has to offer to both consumers and potential insurance professionals. Your vital sponsorship helps The Insurance Apprentice continue the important work they do for all of us. We are grateful to all of you!