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Season 4


The 4th season of The Insurance Apprentice aired in 2018 and featured a new group of talented young insurance professionals competing for the coveted title. The season showcased the challenges, tasks, and eliminations that the contestants had to go through in order to prove their skills and knowledge in the insurance industry.

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Season 4 – Episode 6 – Women in insurance (Sponsored by Inseta)

The insurance industry is traditionally white, and male dominated. However, a few strong ambitious women are breaking through the glass ceiling. Inseta wanted the apprentices to talk to learners about women who are breaking the glass ceiling in the insurance industry, the education journey of the chosen individual and motivation...

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Spoiler Alert

The Winner of Season 4 is revealed below - only keep scrolling if you are fine with spoilers

Meet the Winner of Season 4

Nox Dlamini

I will never forget the energy I walked into work with after filming week. I felt unstoppable and ready to conquer any challenge that waded onto my path. For a week that is what we had been doing – overcoming and presenting solutions for different business problems that were thrown at us.

My strategy was to put my head down and do the work; ensure that I brought my A-game each day. I challenged myself to get better each day. I think that is why I was so shocked when I won; I had completely removed myself from the end game and focused 1000% on each task day by day.

It was also very important to be myself during the contest. And that I was. I brought cheerfulness, a wide smile and endless selfies to the contest!

Most importantly, I brought the spirit of a winner. I was pushed to be the very best of myself, with no room for laziness or just coasting through. There were mountains to conquer that appeared impossible at first, but I summited at the end of each day, weary and satisfied.

The judges were scary… especially Judge Dread! Hahaha. The pressure, compounded by the cameras and knowledge that the entire industry would be witness, made for a lot of sweat and mini breakdowns.