It all started with the need to make a difference in an industry we love… and a way to expand our already successful business model.

FAnews, a publication (print and digital) operating in the insurance and financial services industry is the foundation of our business… a business that was started by co-owner Rianet Whitehead’s late father. To keep the legacy going and to share the owners’ (Rianet Whitehead and Michelle Schreuder-Rankin) passion for the industry and the absolute need to change the perception of the industry, an idea of combining education and entertainment came about… an idea that was embraced by many who share the passion of improving our industry.

Why do we do it?

Who doesn’t like a decent reality show? Yes… exactly that. But you’ll have to see for yourself.

We make this industry a better place by growing young (under 35’s) people to be the leaders of tomorrow; the leaders we so desperately need.

We change perceptions… showing everyone outside of our industry that insurance is not only about call centres and funeral policies; it’s an industry filled with a massive variety of skills.

We educate people working in- and outside of our industry… not only do we give the contestants technical tasks, but they are also challenged to think about the environment, about social responsibility, general business principles and more. Learning happens for those taking part, and most certainly also for those watching.

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If you love this, have any ideas to make it better or you want to be part of this in any way, please make contact. Enjoy the episodes; you will be hooked…