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Season 7


Season 7 of The Insurance Apprentice was a thrilling and competitive journey that showcased the talent and potential of young professionals in the insurance industry. With Simon Colman as the head judge and Nox Dlamini as a co-judge, the season featured ten ambitious contestants who faced a series of challenges and tasks designed to test their knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving skills. From role-playing scenarios to presenting innovative insurance solutions, the contestants demonstrated their ability to think on their feet and adapt to different situations. Throughout the season, viewers witnessed the growth and development of the contestants as they received valuable mentorship from industry experts and gained insights into the insurance industry.

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Meet the Winner of Season 7

Fiona Fitzpatrick

When asked how she feels to have won the title of The Insurance Apprentice 2021 Fitzpatrick said, “Since being told I am the winner of The Insurance Apprentice of 2021, it has been surreal. A complete whirlwind of emotions of excitement, happiness, sometimes disbelief and some leftover nerves from the tasks. I also have an infinite amount of gratitude and respect to all who worked with me along the challenges and those who supported me behind the scenes along the way to become the winner,” said Fitzpatrick.

“Unlike the esteemed and veteran entrants of The Insurance Apprentice, I didn’t really have a full strategy going into the experience. After having only really discovered the show last year, I wasn’t too familiar with previous tasks and challenges, so I had no expectations, which meant very little preparation apart from brushing up on a few of the latest insurance trends and industry news, as well as the supplied reading material,” she said.

“Going into the show, I thought I had nothing to lose – my strategy was simple, to see how far I could go. Overall, I think it put my mind in the right place that I would ultimately not be battling against the other contestants, but rather against myself,” she added.