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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Meet the Contestant

Anifa Mkhize

Marketing & Communications Manager

Ambledown Financial Services

Did you choose a career in insurance, or did you fall into the industry like so many others? Briefly share your story.

I fell face-forward into the insurance industry 😊 but it was love at first sight for me. In 2011, I applied for a graduate program at Lion of Africa Insurance, where I got my first glance at the industry. The program was comprehensive, exposing me to each department’s workings and everyone’s contribution to the organization. As an assistant, I was all over the place, taking notes. That’s when I realized it’s a whole new world!

Why did you choose to enter The Insurance Apprentice?

The past couple of years have been quite a challenge for me. I struggled a lot with identifying where I fit both professionally and personally. I lost my father in 2021, who was my best friend, mentor, and everything. He motivated me to keep going despite many closed doors. I’d describe my journey as ‘Goldilocks and the 9 bears.’ Nothing felt ‘just right.’ Entering The Insurance Apprentice meant finding my tribe. It was an opportunity to expose myself to the upper echelon of the industry, to learn, and to be strong enough to put myself out there again without my dad. As he was my anchor.

In your mind, what qualities should an ambassador of The Insurance Apprentice have?

The ambassador of The Insurance Apprentice, in my mind, should be someone relatable, passionate, and committed to the industry. Someone who understands technical knowledge but translates it for ordinary people. Someone able to spread the word about the essence of insurance, ultimately providing peace of mind when life happens. Sacrifice a little today to continue tomorrow.

Who has been the biggest influencer on your career and why?

My father has been the biggest influence on my career because he always encouraged me to go for what I want and remain true to myself. It was a journey of discovery for both of us. When I learned something, I’d share it with him, and together we would look at how to re-look at our financial security as a family. Most importantly, he said I should walk my path as myself.

In a tweet of 140 characters, explain why insurance ROCKS!!!

Life throws lemons at you. With Insurance by your side, your lemonade is guaranteed. Who doesn’t love unlimited lemonade? #getthesqueeze

What would be your dream Apprentice task and why?

My dream challenge would be a crisis plan because we often prepare for business as usual, but sometimes it’s necessary to step back and ask, ‘What will we do if things don’t go our way?’

What song would you choose for your Insurance Apprentice victory dance?

‘Clocks’ by Coldplay

A message to all the TIA sponsors?

I’m incredibly honored and excited to be part of this experience. Thanks to you, the sponsors, for making my dreams come true.

How important is winning for you?

For me, just being here is a win. If I win, it’ll be my journey actualized. Winning would change my life 😊

Advice to yourself about what you should remember and focus on as you are going into the competition.

You’ve got this. Stay true to who you are. You’ve come this far.”