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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Meet the Contestant

Celeste Ryan

Commercial Claims Consultant

King Price Insurance

Did you choose a career in insurance, or did you fall into the industry like so many others? Briefly share your story.

Growing up, I really wanted to be a doctor. I tried many times to gain entry to a medical program even after completing my BSc degree. After a relentless pursuit, a very good friend of mine applied for a position in insurance for me. After the first interview, I got a job in insurance. From then on, it’s been an eye-opening journey for me. You might have plans, but sometimes it doesn’t work out for a good reason.

Why did you choose to enter The Insurance Apprentice?

I am a big fan of growth; sometimes I get too comfortable and need to be challenged. The Insurance Apprentice is a massive challenge for me, and I’m grateful to have made it thus far.

In your mind, what qualities should an ambassador of The Insurance Apprentice have?

Definitely resilience. You need to be able to withstand changes and challenges. I believe that the Apprentice should be someone with a positive and attractive character.

Who has been the biggest influencer on your career and why?

I have been with King Price for 4+ years; I believe the managing team at King Price has been my biggest influencer. They are determined to expose me to different fields and grow me in my insurance career. They have shown me that making a difference is not just for surgeons in the theatre; anyone can make a difference in their field.

In a tweet of 140 characters, explain why insurance ROCKS!!!

A solid masterpiece of loss mitigation that has been a continuing ancient practice. If you didn’t know, this is a definition not just for Insurance but a Solid foundation. #InsuranceAmassivefoundation

What would be your dream Apprentice task and why?

I would one day like to collaborate with the judges to create a product that provides meaning or share value to their customers. This would allow me to sit at a table with them and engage with brilliant and experienced minds in the field. What an experience that will be.

What song would you choose for your Insurance Apprentice victory dance?

Jerusalema by Master KG.

A message to all the TIA sponsors?

We would not be here if it weren’t for your generosity. Thank you for taking a step further by investing in us. It has not gone unnoticed.

How important is winning for you?

Arnold Palmer once said, ‘Winning is not everything, but the wanting to win is.’ The ‘wanting’ to win for me is massive.”