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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Meet the Contestant

Rheinhardt Schnetler

Business Development Manager

Hollard Insure

Did you choose a career in insurance or did you fall into the industry like so many others? Briefly share your story.

In 2012, my journey into the world of insurance began when I joined Old Mutual PFA. Coming from a family immersed in the industry, some might say insurance was in my blood, but the truth is that insurance found me. It wasn’t an immediate love affair, but as I delved into the intricacies of underwriting, a passion for the industry bloomed.

Fast forward seven years, and the insurance sector has become more than just a career—it’s a cornerstone in my life. Guided by the mantra to continuously strive for improvement and collaborate with exceptional individuals, I’ve witnessed this philosophy unfold before my very eyes.

Each day in insurance presents new opportunities for growth and collaboration, and I find immense satisfaction in the dynamic nature of this field. It’s not just a profession; it’s a journey working alongside great people, collectively shaping a fulfilling and rewarding path

Why did you choose to enter The Insurance Apprentice?

Fuelled by my mantra to constantly improve and collaborate with exceptional individuals, I sought ways to challenge myself beyond the familiar. This led me to envision a revitalized insurance industry, where passion thrives, knowledge endures, and a bridge connects the wealth of experience with the capabilities of the modern world. It’s about being better and doing better, creating the partnership our industry truly deserves.

In your mind, what qualities should an ambassador of The Insurance Apprentice have?

They should possess industry knowledge, communication skills, trustworthiness, adaptability to change, strong networking abilities, genuine passion, effective problem-solving skills, advocacy for industry initiatives, cultural competence, and a commitment to continuous learning.

These qualities will contribute to fostering ideal perceptions, building relationships, and promoting the industry’s growth and development.

Who has been the biggest influencer on your career and why?

Embarking on my journey in the industry, I wasn’t aware of the incredible initiatives like the Insurance Institute and Roots and Wings. Amid encounters with both remarkable and challenging leaders, the most influential guide turned out to be the reflection in the mirror — not out of hubris, but as the lone constant driver in my career and life, a reminder that my only competitor is myself.

Thank you to my family for always being there for me in everything.

A heartfelt shoutout is reserved for Bernice van Leeuwen, a steadfast pillar of support as I went through one of the toughest chapters life.

In a tweet of 140 characters explain why insurance ROCKS!!!

Insurance rocks because it turns ‘Oh Sh*t!’ moments into ‘Luckily I’m covered!’ miracles—making life’s unexpected plot twists less scary.

What would be your dream Apprentice task and why?

I prefer Nightmare tasks over dream ones—because comfort zones are cozy, but growth happens in the thrilling discomfort of challenges. What song would you choose for your Insurance Apprentice victory dance?

A message to all the TIA sponsors?

I would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to our incredible sponsors who invest time, and money, and make sacrifices to be part of this journey—whether filming, organizing, or judging. A special thanks to FAnews for orchestrating this, offering contestants the invaluable opportunity to participate.

How important is winning for you?

When success is as vital as breath, echoing Eric Thomas, winning is inevitable. I was Born to triumph, it’s just a matter of time and unyielding determination.

Advice to yourself about what you should remember and focus on as you are going into the competition.

Stay true to your preparation, trust your instincts, embrace challenges as opportunities, and relish the chance to learn