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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Season 5, Episode 3

Sponsored by Marsh Africa

Viewers will get a glimpse of the apprentices putting on their thinking caps when assigned with task three, sponsored by Marsh Africa, based on cyber risk management.

With guest Judges Justin Keevy, Divisional Executive: Commercial Crime and Cyber Risks Broking and Advisory Practice and Bridy Paxton, Client Advisory Services (CAS) Lead at Marsh Africa on hand to assist with the task, and join Judge Simon and Judge Kedi as judges, the apprentices receive their task.

In this task, the apprentices have been called to a meeting with the CEO and Risk/Insurance Manager of their broker firm’s client. The client had a ransomware attack and wants to know why he was not covered, and what to do now. In preparation for their meeting with the client, the apprentices had to advise the client on how they can assist them with an effective cyber security strategy, focusing on the importance of cyber risk management.

Did the apprentices meet the mandate and understand the detailed requirements of the client?

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