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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

TIA boasts a new logo and website… it’s crisp and it’s clean.

The initial idea was to get the industry excited about being in the insurance industry, to change perceptions about what insurance is all about and to give young people the opportunity to grow, get mentored and meet like-minded people.

It’s all about the change

Ten years ago… a seed was sown and FAnews launched The Insurance Apprentice (TIA) competition.

The seed had the potential… because what started off small, grew into something great! Throughout the competition, we’ve changed lives, we’ve changed perceptions, we’ve disrupted the short-term insurance industry, and we’ve made a difference in people’s lives.

Plus, we got people talking… talking about the positive change this competition has made to the lives of these young insurance professionals!

Each individual who has made it to the Top 10 is, in actual fact, an ambassador for our industry. The transformation the contestants go through makes them so loyal to and excited about our industry. It then goes back to personal development. They grow and want to share these experiences and help others on the same journey as them. They then represent, influence, impact, network and connect… all in this very industry of ours!

New look and feel

We believe the TIA brand accurately represents what the competition stands for, and as we celebrate 10 years of changing lives and perceptions, we believe it’s time for a bit of a brand refresh.

With that said, we bring you our new TIA logo… it’s crisp, it’s clean and we hope you love it! We’ve also revamped our website… boasting a new look and feel. It reflects the new brand identity, our website redesign also serves as a digital representation of what TIA stands for, with the visual elements, tone, and content.

Check it out here –  

Are you going to be the next apprentice?

Speaking of the next ten years, entries for season 10 are open. TIA 2024 entries opened in April and will close on 30 September 2023.

If you are 35 or younger and have been in the short-term insurance industry (any part of it) for four or more years – be it at a brokerage, insurer, underwriting manager, loss adjuster, administrator, or any other short-term insurance-related company – you are eligible to enter.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply for next season here –