The Insurance Apprentice

Season 7 – Episode 5 –Contingent Business Interruption cover… let’s find a solution (Sponsored by the FSCA)

Acting as employees of the FSCA, contestants advise the FSCA on the main causes of the contingent business interruption (CBI) cover dispute between non-life insurers and their policyholders, how non-life insurers, intermediaries and reinsurers caused or contributed to the said dispute and what the FSCA can do in order to prevent unfair outcomes for policyholders in future.

Season 6 – Episode 7 – Debarment issues (Sponsored by the FSCA)

• The FSCA received a complaint from a customer that ‘Insurance Apprentice Brokers’ have contravened the binder, outsourcing commission regulations as well as the Policyholder Protection Rules (PPRs). Notified of the intention of the Conduct Authority to issue a debarment order, the key individual (apprentice) is required to attend a meeting with the FSCA to discuss the findings. Read more about the task…