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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Season 4, Episode 2

sponsored by Sasria SOC Limited

Episode two, task two, sponsored by Sasria SOC Limited, shines a spotlight on the apprentices as they are faced with the challenging task of developing a specialist risk cover for the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) space.

The judges for this task was Simon Colman, Executive Head: Digital Distribution at SHA Specialist Underwriters – aka judge dread, Vuyo Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at Old Mutual Emerging Markets (OMEM) and guest judge Fareedah Benjamin, Executive Manager: Insurance Operations at Sasria.

The brief: pitch and present Sasria’s product offering to a group of SMEs, both in the formal and informal sector. The element of education is a critical part of the presentation.

By enabling businesses to restore their liquidity or operations quickly and efficiently after experiencing loss or damage due to special risk events, Sasria SOC Ltd plays a significant role in preventing job losses, maintaining livelihoods, restoring pride and dignity and facilitating economic stability. This is particularly important in the SME space. The apprentices were expected to conduct a needs analysis in order to ascertain the SME’s special risk insurance needs; propose a special risk insurance product that will meet the needs of the SMEs; and cover the process to be followed when it is time to log a claim.

The fear factor

Given that the apprentices all have various skills and knowledge, team effort took centre stage as the prep for presentations began. Bearing in mind that in the losing team one, or possibly two apprentices would be eliminated, the pressure was on. Did the apprentices win the judges and SMEs over?

Hear the verdict and what judge Simon had to say in episode two.

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