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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Season 8, Episode 3

The journey is far from over! (Sponsored by Chubb)

The heat is on, and the competition is getting tight on the quest to find South Africa’s ultimate Apprentice of the insurance industry.

The journey is far from over, as six contestants have been chosen, with six more to go…

This week we have a few contestants… with some interesting stories. How did we get these people? Let’s see who the next three contestants to secure their spot in the Top 12 are.

Episode 3 of The Insurance Apprentice 2022, sponsored by Chubb, sees Group 3 take part in the ‘Rapid Risk’ and ‘Write-off’ preliminary round. Three contestants with the most correct answers will make it into the Top 12.

Keep up with the leader board to see who is in the top ranking.

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