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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Season 8, Episode 7

Female truck drivers… is there a typo here? (Sponsored by Hollard Insure)

With each week that passes, the contestants drop like flies while we get closer to finding the winner of The Insurance Apprentice Season 8.

With only eight contestants remaining, we are still on the quest to find that one contestant who will stand out from the rest and show up worthy of being the Apprentice for this industry. But to tighten the ship, few more contestants need to be thrown overboard!

This week’s episode, brought to you by the Hollard Insure, presents challenges that will not only assess the contestant’s insurance knowledge, but will also test their resourcefulness to solve problems and their ability to empathise.

Teams are tasked with outlining the challenges facing female truck drivers and the main barriers when applying for truck driver roles in the South African transport sector.

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