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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice

Season 3, Episode 4

It's a riot... (Sponsored by Sasria)

It’s a riot

Sasria truly put the apprentices through the ringer by asking them to design an app which will give Sasria a bit of a heads up in terms of riots taking place. The intention of the app is to also warn the general public about the riots taking place so that they can avoid the areas in which it is taking place.

Episode four sponsor

The sponsor for task three, episode four, is Sasria and they have really given our apprentices quite a relevant task considering the current South African political climate.

The ultimate prize

The winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2017 wins a trip to Lloyds of London, sponsored by Lloyds of London and a bursary, sponsored by Inseta, to further their studies. The will also attend the IISA conference, sponsored by IISA.

Stay tuned

We would like to remind our viewers that episodes are released every Friday till the end of March.

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