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TIA | The Insurance Apprentice


And the winner of #TIA2024 is…

Marking a decade of remarkable achievements. The culmination of The Insurance Apprentice 2024 unfolded last night, April 18, at Hollard, with the unveiling of the competition’s champion. The event and episode were jointly sponsored by Hollard Insure and Global Choices…

Bringing the daggers

We’ve reached the sixth week, and the hunt to find the ultimate representative of the insurance industry continues. The participants have undergone a demanding journey that has subjected them to the ultimate professional examination…


The path laid out by this competition is undeniably challenging, and although the contestants still in contention for the title have successfully persevered, now is not the moment for them to ease up. Over the last four weeks, we’ve witnessed escalating tensions, intense eliminations, and moments of jubilant celebration. And now… we move on to the next task…

Floods and fire… informal settlements’ biggest fear

We find ourselves at the midpoint of season ten, and with each passing week, the intensity escalates. The challenges become increasingly demanding, the scrutiny from the judges grows more stringent, and the team sizes dwindle steadily. With only seven contestants remaining after the surprising voting elimination last week, this week introduces fresh challenges, a new sponsor, evolving team dynamics, and a chance for the participants to elevate their performance once again.

Addressing industry challenges and unemployment

Following the shocking ending of last week’s episode last week, a fresh week unfolds, marking the ongoing quest to find the winner of The Insurance Apprentice 2024.
Building on the insights gained from the previous week’s presentations, the contestants have managed to showcase their varied strengths

An impossible target?

Now that our top 10 contestants have been determined, we’re gearing up for a 10th season that promises to be truly unique, as we go on a quest to find the ultimate ambassador of the short-term insurance industry.

When you just don’t get it…

The grand return of The Insurance Apprentice (TIA) is here!

Embarking on its 10th season, this year is destined to be nothing short of extraordinary. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, the excitement is boundless because we are marking a decade of incredible milestones.